Obviously, our team loves new construction. But there are a ton of great reasons Minnesota homebuyers love it too!



1. Designed for you, from the beginning

Unlike moving into a home someone else designed, with a new construction home, your home will work with your family’s needs from the first day. Have a messy dog? Put an industrial doggie bath into the mud room. Need a ramp from the garage into the house for your mother-in-law? You got it! You can design your home to suit what you need today and what you think you'll want tomorrow.


2. All the bells and whistles

Because you’re building new, your home will be built with the latest technologies in building sciences, plus any of your fun new favorites, like smart thermostats or lighting from the Internet of Things.


3. Hello, safety! 

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your home is up to the most recent building codes, ensuring your home will promote the health and safety of your family. No need to worry about being surprised by lead-based paint or asbestos! 


4. You can go green. 

Like, really green. Building new could give you the opportunity to go above and beyond to enhance your home's environmental performance: get LEED- or green-certified, make your home into a smart house, and/or install radiant or geo-thermal systems.


5. New homes have warranties.

A State of Minnesota statue mandates that newly constructed homes carry a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials, a two-year warranty on mechanical systems, and a ten-year warranty on structural systems. It has also published a performance guideline (that you'll receive with the purchase of your new home) that speaks towards material tolerances.



6. New homes have service plans.

Most of the time, builders will conduct an 11- or 12-month service call to return to the home and touch up nail pops, hairline cracks, and all items covered within the tolerances and the one-year workmanship and material warranty. 


7. New homes are full of new stuff.

Because new homes are full of new products and appliances, they have individual manufacturer’s warranties, low-maintenance upkeep as part of their design, and a whole lot of stuff geared toward making your life easier.

 Plus, most materials within a home carry a manufacturer's warranty that are transferred to the homeowners upon closing. These items may include appliances, hardware, cabinets, roofing, siding, faucets, light fixtures, etc.


8. A built-in sense of community

New neighborhoods grow and develop together, which means they're likely to attract residents that plan to stay with their investment for a while. The sense of community grows quickly and makes for great social environments.


9. Location, location, location

Because so many new home neighborhoods develop in the suburbs where land volume is available, the neighborhoods are often near new, high-quality schools, parks, health care facilities, well maintained roads, and retail centers. 


10. It’s never been lived in by someone else.

Your house is clean. It's new. Nothing's been used, no cats have ever lived here, there are no ghosts, and it comes with that fantastic new home smell.