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Orono Preserve

David Weekley Homes is now building in Orono Preserve! This master-planned community is the first development of its kind in the quit town of Orono, featuring 65-foot homes sites that backup to wetlands. With sidewalks leading to beautiful city trails, transportation, and nearby shopping, dining and entertainment, you'll experience the appeal of small-town charm while staying close to all the big-city amenities you love. Orono Preserve also offers:

Walking distance to Orono High School

Convenient access to US-12 West/Interstate 394 and Interstate 494

Less than 20 miles from the urban amenities of Minneapolis

Close to major employers, including United Health Group and General Mill

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Many families are wondering if now is the time to build a new home or if they should wait a couple years to start the process. Now more than ever, you should consider building in the near future — because the cost to build your dream home will certainly rise every year. Why?

1. The cost of land often trends upward.

As a limited resource, builders often compete with one another for the choicest locations. Then they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to ready the sites with surveys, roads, curbs, lighting, sewer, water, etc.

2. The cost of labor continues to grow.

In our area, there is a shortage of tradesmen and, with multiple disaster areas in the country, tradesmen often migrate to those areas for premium wages.

3. Material costs

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Dongal South

David Weekley Homes has a new community in Maple Grove named Donegal South. The address of the model is 8144 Central Parkway N, Maple Grove, MN 55369. David Weekley is calling this Central Living. Situated northwest of Minneapolis in Maple Grove, this vibrant community offers luxurious, single-family home, scenic views and a variety of floor plans that represent the best in Design, Choice and Service.

*Included lawn maintenance and snow removal

*City of Maple Grove Community Center with pools, ice skating and Town Green events

*Close to Maple Grove Farmers Market, shopping and dining

*Access to lakes, community parks and playground and nearby Brooklyn Park Gold Course

*Students attend Osseo Area School District 279 schools

Contact a

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Choosing to buy new construction has a lot of perks. You’ll be the first owner of the home. You get to choose the builder, the floor plan, and the finishes. The architecture and design can reflect your style and preferences and facilitate the way you live in your home. You can also choose materials, appliances, and other considerations that are better for the environment, more energy efficient (and cost effective), and healthier for you and your family. 

There’s a lot more awareness about building materials that are toxic or even carcinogenic then there once was. Even homes that were built before we knew the dangers of lead, asbestos, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), for example, are safer now due to new building codes and abatement and

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Are you thinking of building your dream home and not sure how to select a builder? Are you looking for a production, semi-custom or custom builder? Now is the perfect time to begin your search. There are 174 builders represented in the Spring Parade of Homes! Our agents on the New Homes of MN team are ready to work with you. We can provide recommendations on homes to tour that will best suit your wants and needs and on what to look for in the homes that you tour that can help you choose your builder. The Parade of Homes begins this Saturday, February 24th!

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There are 481 New Homes to tour during the 2018 Parade of Homes. To help you sort through these homes to tour, contact one of the Agents from the New Homes of MN team. An agent can help you find the perfect homes for you to tour in your perfect location and price range. 

Parade of Homes

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If you’re considering new construction and you’d like a portion of your property fenced, what do you do? Well, the first step is to talk with the home builder. Are fences allowed by them and/or the HOA (Homeowner’s Association)? If so, will the builder include a fence for a price, or do you need to hire a separate contractor to build your fence? If the builder will oblige you by building a fence and incorporating it into the landscaping and quote a price for the fence that works with your budget—great! If not, you’re going to need to hire someone to build your fence. 

Make sure you understand any restrictions, regulations, and requirements for your fence as determined by the HOA or city. Also, consider the purpose of your fence and select a fence

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It’s January which means it Radon Awareness Month. If you are not familiar with Radon you can get the basics on the EPA website here

Radon and radon mitigation were not very well understood until relatively recently. Given our lack of knowledge about radon, many older homes are not well equipped to handle and mitigate radon efficiently and installing mitigation systems into older homes can be a headache and costly. Luckily with our increasing knowledge about radon and mitigation techniques, installing radon mitigation systems into the blue prints for your new construction home, is becoming easier every day. There are a number of techniques that can be applied to the construction of your new home that are both effective and cost efficient. For more

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I often run into people that think they can save money by going to a model home and not bringing their agent. There are no absolutes in real estate but for the most part, this is a fallacy.  Most builders budget for a high percentage of sales to come from people represented by Realtors.  Builders try not to lower pricing as it will have a negative impact on future sale prices.  Builders will sometimes negotiate a higher commission for their own sales agent working the model home if the buyer comes in without an agent.  In this scenario the buyer receives no financial incentive, only the builder and sales agent.  However the buyer now has given up the opportunity to have professional representation.  If a disagreement ensues during the construction

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Often times the advertised price of a New Construction home online is very different from the final price paid by the buyer. There are 3 main elements to consider when determining the total cost of your new home. These include:

1. The cost of the lot or land. You could purchase an individual piece of land to build on you can choose a lot in a development. In developments, builders will typically charge a "Lot Premium" depending on which lot you choose. These premiums can vary a lot by builder and by neighborhood, so it's important to find out the range of the lot premiums when you are considering a particular neighborhood. 

2. The base price of the floor plan. Most production and semi-custom builders will offer several different floor plans and they

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