December 2017

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Often times the advertised price of a New Construction home online is very different from the final price paid by the buyer. There are 3 main elements to consider when determining the total cost of your new home. These include:

1. The cost of the lot or land. You could purchase an individual piece of land to build on you can choose a lot in a development. In developments, builders will typically charge a "Lot Premium" depending on which lot you choose. These premiums can vary a lot by builder and by neighborhood, so it's important to find out the range of the lot premiums when you are considering a particular neighborhood. 

2. The base price of the floor plan. Most production and semi-custom builders will offer several different floor plans and they

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I often get asked what home warranty comes with a new home.  In Minnesota the state law (also referred to as statutory law) requires a 1,2, and 10 year warranty. The 1 year of the warranty is the time period in which the builder must warranty for general workmanship, the 2 year part of the warranty refers to mechanicals (Heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical) and the 10 year part of the warranty covers structural deficiencies. The builder will provide thresholds by which a potential issue is deemed to be a deficiency so be sure to ask for those guidelines when purchasing a new home.  Appliances generally carry their own warranties and are covered by the manufacturer so be sure to register for the appliance warranties when you move in.  Also

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