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When hosting open houses in model home across the Twin Cities, a frequently asked question was, “Can you build a home in the Winter?”  Not only can you build a home in the winter, but you SHOULD!  Here’s why…

Timing is everything when purchasing and building a new home.  Another common question is, “How long does it take to build?”  Taking a common rambler or two-story home as an example, it’s very common for the physical construction of a new home to take about 3 ½ months.  Add to that an average of 6 weeks of design time prior to beginning the physical construction you land at about 5 months to complete the process.

Now comes the “why”.  The bulk of the homes constructed in our Twin Cities market are done so by National Builders who are

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For me, working in the world of new construction homes began as a part-time laborer for a framing contractor to pay may way through college.  I took this education and began selling new homes with a large, national builder, acting as the face of the company and managing the customer’s building experience from beginning to end.  After several years of this I transitioned to selling for a smaller, luxury custom builder and also started representing new home buyers in purchases from builders across the metro — and that’s when the real fun started.

I already had great in-the-field experience from working in model homes, and I now had expertise in locating the right home in the right neighborhood for my buyers. I can navigate option lists and guide my

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