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Often times the advertised price of a New Construction home online is very different from the final price paid by the buyer. There are 3 main elements to consider when determining the total cost of your new home. These include:

1. The cost of the lot or land. You could purchase an individual piece of land to build on you can choose a lot in a development. In developments, builders will typically charge a "Lot Premium" depending on which lot you choose. These premiums can vary a lot by builder and by neighborhood, so it's important to find out the range of the lot premiums when you are considering a particular neighborhood. 

2. The base price of the floor plan. Most production and semi-custom builders will offer several different floor plans and they

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A lot of folks think that you don't need a real estate agent if you are buying a New Construction home. That's not true! Below are 3 of the top reasons to work with a BHG Agent when buying or building a new construction home:

1.      We are new construction experts! We are able to help you compare all options including looking at existing homes, move-in ready new construction homes, or to-be-built options. We have the capability to show you all of your options, so you can be well informed before making your big decision. 

2.      We have knowledge about different neighborhoods and locations. We can work with you to make sure you know about all the new neighborhoods that are available to you before you select your home or build site. It can be

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So, you have found a builder and floor plan that you like, but the home site is located in a brand new neighborhood with no sales yet. Should that deter you from buying? Many people worry about being one of the first sales in a neighborhood. Let me break down why that can be a good thing and some of the risks.


  1. Choice of home site: If you are one of the first to purchase in a neighborhood, you likely will get more options for home sites and may be able to get the exact site you want.
  2. Pricing: Often times, the first couple of sales in a new community will get a lower price. This can vary obviously, but the builder will want to get some sales and this can work to your advantage.
  3. Incentives: Many builders will offer incentives such
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A lot of people think new construction is only for the suburbs. That's not true! There are plenty of opportunities for tear-downs or vacant lots in the cities, so you don't have to give-up your city life to have a new home. Saint Paul is the iconic capital city of Minnesota. It’s located East of Minneapolis in Ramsey County and is known for its enchanting river bluffs along the Mississippi River, diverse neighborhoods, and historic homes. Some of St Paul’s major attractions include the Xcel Center - home of the Minnesota Wild, The Science Museum, CHS Field, the Saint Paul Cathedral, and the annual State Fair. In addition, Saint Paul offers an active nightlife with plenty of music venues, restaurants, and other cultural events. Saint Paul has a bustling

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We are officially less than 1 week away from the start of the 2017 Fall Parade of Homes! This year’s Twin Cities Parade features 406 homes that you can view and tour between Sept. 9- Oct 1st. The Parade is open Thursday-Sunday from Noon-6pm during this time frame and it is free for everyone, with an exception of a couple of Artisan Dream Homes that ask for a $5 donation. These donations go to help build homes for families in need.

This Fall's Artisan Dream Homes are:
Home #66 by SD Custom Homes, priced at $1,560,000 and located in Mendota Heights
Home #127 by Homes by Tradition priced at $1,557,000 and located in Lakeville
Home #165 by Sustainable 9 Design + Build, priced at $1,800,000 and located in Edina
Home #167 by Landmark Building Contractors,

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