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It’s January which means it Radon Awareness Month. If you are not familiar with Radon you can get the basics on the EPA website here

Radon and radon mitigation were not very well understood until relatively recently. Given our lack of knowledge about radon, many older homes are not well equipped to handle and mitigate radon efficiently and installing mitigation systems into older homes can be a headache and costly. Luckily with our increasing knowledge about radon and mitigation techniques, installing radon mitigation systems into the blue prints for your new construction home, is becoming easier every day. There are a number of techniques that can be applied to the construction of your new home that are both effective and cost efficient. For more

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The Twin Cities area is full of great custom home builders, knowing which one to choose can be a bit tricky, here are 3 simple steps to follow, when selecting your future home builder.  

Research Builders

              Once you have an idea of the type of house you want you’ll want to do some homework on your potential future builder. Start with making a list of the builders who do work in your local area. In the Twin Cities you can start your search at websites such as for a list of builders who belong to the builder’s association of the Twin Cities (BATC). Search for builders who work in your work in your preferred area and do a little research on them, search their name on the internet, visit their web page and view their Facebook.

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