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Choosing to buy new construction has a lot of perks. You’ll be the first owner of the home. You get to choose the builder, the floor plan, and the finishes. The architecture and design can reflect your style and preferences and facilitate the way you live in your home. You can also choose materials, appliances, and other considerations that are better for the environment, more energy efficient (and cost effective), and healthier for you and your family. 

There’s a lot more awareness about building materials that are toxic or even carcinogenic then there once was. Even homes that were built before we knew the dangers of lead, asbestos, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), for example, are safer now due to new building codes and abatement and

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You have decided on your builder, location and floor plan and now you are starting to make your selections. When it comes to lighting there are endless choices, but there is a lot to consider especially if you are trying to stay within a budget.

When making your selections, your builder will inform you as to an amount that is included in your home pricing for a lighting allowance. It may seem like a generous amount, but it will be depleted pretty quickly. Exceeding that allowance will increase the final price of your home. You will need to choose fixtures for both indoors and out. 

Do you have a decorating style you have chosen for your home? This is a good place to start. Whether it is modern, traditional or industrial just to name a few, there are

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When building a new home, have you ever thought about adding a hidden room? Recently at the Parade of Homes in the Minneapolis area, our team toured a home with a hidden room. This room was staged as a children's play area. Buyers have a variety of reasons to select this unique option for their new home.

Besides playrooms, homeowners look for security and safety, and for some, a "cool" factor. However, they come with a cost. The cheapest option might be a bookcase doubling as a door. You should budget about $900 for this, with installation extra. Other choices include swinging fireplaces that rotate to reveal a hidden room, fake stone walls, and pool cue racks. These options could be $3,000 - $12,000.

Whatever you choose, be sure you work with a

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I often get asked the question, "What brand of windows are these." As consumers we are trained to recognize brand names.  When it comes to windows a better question would be, "What brand and model of vinyl windows are these."  This is an important question because manufacturers often have different levels of windows that they offer.  For example, Anderson has a 400 series that is a higher end window.  They also offer a 100 series and a Silver Line series that are generally considered commercial or builder grade windows.  So when looking at a new home, ask what make and model of windows they offer, write it down and then try the windows. Are they installed properly?  Do they open and close easily?  If the weather is real hot or cold outside, put your hand

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Statistically speaking the average person buys the big home in their mid 40's. So what happens when the kids are gone and those owners enter the empty nester phase?  Builders like, John Arthur Homes are offering town home living in the 2300 square foot to 2700 square foot range range in Victoria aimed at the baby boomer demographic.  The development is called, "The Reserve on the Park." 

Much of the inventory of town homes in the Twin Cities was built during the housing boom and is geared toward first time buyers.  Many empty nesters demand a higher quality home and have made the decision to move away from the maintenance of the big house and the large lot and look for association managed living.  Many also keep a second residence in warmer climates

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It’s a parade!  Everyone loves a parade!

The beautiful thing about a parade is that there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Some spectators may enjoy the elaborate floats adorned in a thousand pounds of paper mache, others the marching bands, the classic cars with waving pageant queens, the prize horses, or the clowns that clean up after them. 

We’re just over half way through this year’s Builder’s Association of the Twin Cities’ Parade of Homes tour where 459 model homes have been constructed throughout the metro area.  And just like a small-town parade, there truly is something for everyone.  Homes ranging in price from $179,900 to $2.3 million dollars and spanning from Zimmerman to River Falls all await the discerning eye of home shoppers and

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For me, working in the world of new construction homes began as a part-time laborer for a framing contractor to pay may way through college.  I took this education and began selling new homes with a large, national builder, acting as the face of the company and managing the customer’s building experience from beginning to end.  After several years of this I transitioned to selling for a smaller, luxury custom builder and also started representing new home buyers in purchases from builders across the metro — and that’s when the real fun started.

I already had great in-the-field experience from working in model homes, and I now had expertise in locating the right home in the right neighborhood for my buyers. I can navigate option lists and guide my

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