Do I save money if I go to a builder's model home and represent myself?

Posted by Dean Foerster on Thursday, January 4th, 2018 at 2:29pm.

I often run into people that think they can save money by going to a model home and not bringing their agent. There are no absolutes in real estate but for the most part, this is a fallacy.  Most builders budget for a high percentage of sales to come from people represented by Realtors.  Builders try not to lower pricing as it will have a negative impact on future sale prices.  Builders will sometimes negotiate a higher commission for their own sales agent working the model home if the buyer comes in without an agent.  In this scenario the buyer receives no financial incentive, only the builder and sales agent.  However the buyer now has given up the opportunity to have professional representation.  If a disagreement ensues during the construction process, the sales agent has to decide to fight for you or the builder (their boss).  This is why going it alone on the buy side of the process has been compared to going to court as a defendant with the prosecuting attorney representing you.

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