Selecting a Fence Company to Install Your Fence

Posted by Julie Mello on Monday, February 5th, 2018 at 3:50pm.


If you’re considering new construction and you’d like a portion of your property fenced, what do you do? Well, the first step is to talk with the home builder. Are fences allowed by them and/or the HOA (Homeowner’s Association)? If so, will the builder include a fence for a price, or do you need to hire a separate contractor to build your fence? If the builder will oblige you by building a fence and incorporating it into the landscaping and quote a price for the fence that works with your budget—great! If not, you’re going to need to hire someone to build your fence. 

Make sure you understand any restrictions, regulations, and requirements for your fence as determined by the HOA or city. Also, consider the purpose of your fence and select a fence material that will meet your needs. If it’s for privacy or to provide a safe space for pets and kids to play—wood, Trex, or even chain link might fit the bill. If you’re most concerned with something aesthetically pleasing that doesn’t block the view, perhaps a type of metal fencing would be the best choice. Once you select a style of fence and the appropriate material, make sure you actually take a look at material samples, not just pictures, before making your final selection. 

After you choose the fence material, find out if the fence builder has plenty of experience installing that type of fence and working with that particular material. Ask how they secure the fence post footings. A 100% concrete mix (from a concrete truck, not a bag of quick setting, just-add-water product) will ensure a stronger fence with a longer lifespan. Ask if they will call the appropriate utility companies to have the water, gas, and electric underground lines marked before digging for the the footings. If not, you’ll need to make those calls. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the fence builder is licensed, bonded, and insured and that you fully understand any guarantees or warranties they are offering on their work and/or materials. 

Getting testimonials from their past clients and seeing a portfolio of their past projects will give you further assurance that they know what they’re doing and that you like the quality of their work. When discussing cost, get a quote that includes cost of the material, cost for labor, and any additional costs itemized so you fully understand what your paying for. Coming in under budget is important, but you want a great fence that will last, so going with the cheapest provider might not always be the best choice. Get a firm idea of the project start and finish dates and ask what their current work load is like and if they anticipate any delays prior to the start of your project. 

Hopefully, these recommendations give you added confidence for selecting a great fence builder and soon you’ll be enjoying the home and fence of your dreams!

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